World's Largest Lite Brite Has Over 300,000 Pegs, Is Real Effing Brite

Shoe-maker ASICS commissioned a gigantic Lite Brite in NYC in celebration of something or other (probably a shoe launch) this month that takes the Guinness World Record for largest Lite Brite painting. You know, those things you played with when you were six? At 300,000+ pieces and 3.4 x 4.6 feet, it demolishes the previous record of 125,000+ pieces by PA artist Mark Beekman that took him over 15 months to complete. Mark's was a recreation of The Last Supper, which while classy, just doesn't quite have the same je ne sais quoi as a ginormous shoe advertisement. Sorry about that year and a half of your life, Mark. [Freshness Mag]

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