Which Airlines Block Porn on In-Flight Wi-Fi (and Which Don't)

Following American Airlines' and Delta's decision to cockblock your RedTube habit at 30,000 feet, MSNBC has produced some serious service journalism, finding out who'll be filtering their in-flight Wi-Fi and who won't. Besides Delta and American, the other major airline doing so is Southwest, who says theirs will be "much like you have a filter at work." Uh, hopefully it's not that locked down. Don't fret, though, you have much better choices.

Both Air Canada and Alaska are safe havens for unfettered access, at least for now. (VoIP is blocked though.)They're both holding off to see how things go without a content filter, and hope you read their terms of use. Virgin America is the best though, since they seem to be more philosophically opposed to a content filter than the others—their spokesperson said that they don't block content on their entertainment systems, so they plan to keep that in place for Wi-Fi.

Of course, no one can filter what you bring on the plane in your hard drive. And most airports have plenty of nudie magazines for sale all around the terminal. You know, if you're really that determined to look at boobs on a plane, but you could at least watch an arty movie with boobs to be somewhat less gauche. [MSBNC]

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