WaterMill Automagically Pulls Clean Drinking Water from Thin Air

A bit like Dean Kamen's miraculous water distiller, only not quite so fancy or miraculous, is the WaterMill drinking water collector. It's basically a clever dehumidifier that collects airborne water and filters and purifies it with an ultraviolet steriliser, providing you with up to 12 litres of water per day. And before you start thinking your home air is going to be all dry and uncomfy, it is actually designed to hang outside your house and inhale water from there, streaming it to where it's needed inside: like your in-fridge chilled water dispenser. It's due out February 2009, and though unit pricing's not known, it'll cost you about 11 cents per day to run. Or you can just drink tap water. [Product via Geekologie]

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