Walking House Is Lunar Module, TIE Fighter, and Cockroach Crossbreed

Although it's as big as some of the apartments I'm looking now in Manhattan, the Walking House is not really a house, but a "modular dwelling system that enables persons to live a peaceful nomadic life, moving slowly through the landscape or cityscape". "Slowly" meaning "glacial-speed," and "peaceful nomadic life" meaning "trying to desperately escape the subprime crisis". And according to its designers, it has minimal impact in the environment thanks to its use of solar energy, small windmills and a wood stove. While it seems very alien in the video, it looks kind of cozy on the pictures inside.

The house is inspired in the Romaní carriages that wandered through Europe in the 18th century, equipped with everything you need to live with minimal impact to the environment. Except this one walks like a robotic cockroach and will make you feel like a gypsy Darth Vader.

• Height: 3.5 metres
• Width: 3.5 metres
• Length: 3.72 metres
• Weight: 1200 kg
• Max speed: 60 metres/hour
• Component list:
• Plating and framework wood and plywood
• Legs made of steel and mechanical components
• 12 linear actuators
• solar panels
• micro windmills
• polycarbonate plates
• interior equipment

Danish designers N55 hope that these $US51,000 Walking House will eventually form Walking Villages. Damn hippies. [Walking House]

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