Vodafone Cuts Mobile Broadband Pricing

Vodafone Cuts Mobile Broadband Pricing

vodafone_logo.gifIt looks like the mobile data wars are starting to heat up, with Vodafone today dropping the price of their mobile broadband offerings.

For 20 bucks (or $19.95 for the pedantic among us) over 24 months, you get 1GB of data over Voda’s 3G network, plus it will cost you $5 per month for the USB Internet stick. That price is $10 a month less than the previous offering.

If you’re a data hound, you can get 5GB for $39.95 a month, with the USB modem included for free over 24 months. That’s down $10 on previous pricing as well.

Considering Vodafone pops you on their 2.5G network when you run out of 3G (rather than charge you roaming fees on Telstra’s network, a la 3), this is a pretty solid deal, and potentially the best offering on the market at the moment.