Visiting Thanko's Tokyo Mecca of USB Weirdness

Near a highway, a few hundred feet from the biggest electronics building in Tokyo's Akihabara district, sits a tiny mecca for gadget geeks. The orange store belongs to Thanko, masters of weird USB devices, and it is their first of 4 shops. The blinking raremonoshop sign tickled my eyeballs, but my geek lust was triggered in full by the wall flyers for odd gadgets printed on top of a mosaic of origami paper.

Inside, I found it a bit like the best of Gizmodo's Japan blog pages splattered into a retail space, complete with instructional placards and demo stations. They were all here. The USB heated mittens, the USB lock, the USB microscope, the USB neck tie cooler, to name a few. My purchasing restraint fell, and my credit card did not remain sheathed during this visit. Here's a map to the store if you would like to pay homage to the USB gadget gods. Special thanks to for leading me to the treasure trove.

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