Violet Mir:ror is USB RFID Enhanced-Reality Gizmo for Your Gadgets

You won't be chanting "Mir:ror Mir:ror, on my desk" rhymes if you buy Mir:ror and want it to tell you some interesting info: instead you'll be waving your possessions over its USB-connected sensor, whereby small RFID stickers ID the objects, and prompt your computer to display enhanced-reality style info. For example, wave your brolly near it and get a weather forecast, or your TV remote to get tonight's schedule. So... it's kinda weird, but sounds strangely compelling. Which is perhaps no surprise when you learn it's made by Violet, who also bring us the weird-but-interesting animated internet "buddy" Nabaztag.

The RFID bit is in the little Ztamps you stick to your gear, and the magic all happens through Violet's new website. The mir:ror can recognise many objects right off the bat, with dedicated stamps, but through the site you can configure more of your stuff to work with it.
Tempted by a strange kind of gadget-driven augmented reality? Then it's out today for $US70, though you only get the sensor, a skin for the sensor "puck", 2 nanotagz rabbits (looking like mini clones of Nabaztag himself) and 3 ztamps for that: you'll have to buy more RFID stickers for your other objects. [Dynamism via Technabob]

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