Untouched First-Gen iPod Is Real iPod Classic, $US500

You know how a band's first album is almost always their best? That's how I feel about the first iPod. Sure, it's got a muddy, colourless LCD screen, measly 5GB storage, mechanical scroll wheel, only works with Macs and is a complete brick compared to every other iPod. But it's so much more Zen and alive—from a time of zero feature bloat. It did one thing amazingly well, and changed everything. You can own an untouched brick of history for $US500.

That's 25 percent more than it originally cost, which made people crazy then. There's no box or accessories, either. But walking down the street with this would earn you at least one approving nod a day, if you live for cool-kid approval. [eBay via TechEBlog]

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