Unlikely Rumour Says Microsoft Contracting Toshiba Venture For Xbox 360 Blu-Ray Drive

Despite Microsoft denying any plans to develop a Blu-Ray drive for the Xbox 360 at least a million times now, rumours are surfacing that the company's already made one and just needs to decide on a release date. If X-bit Labs is to be believed, a joint-venture between Toshiba and Samsung has been contracted to manufacture external Blu-ray disc drives for Microsoft's game console. According to their market sources, the company is aiming at a $US100 to $US150 price point in order to compete with the PlayStation 3.

Really... Toshiba? That should already tip this off to be unreliable, considering Toshiba still hasn't stopped licking its wounds from its devastating loss in the format war. While the manufacturer being a joint venture makes it slightly more credulous, it's still hard to swallow. [X-bit Labs]

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