Ultimate Perv Tech Creates Model of Your Naked Body Using Photo of You Fully Clothed

Have you ever wondered what somebody looks like under their clothes? I'm guessing you have! Well, so have researchers at Brown University. That's why they've developed some fancy software that creates models of what people look like naked based only on pictures of them in their clothes. Awesome?

The researchers claim that the technology is designed for people like forensic detectives and fashion designers, but I can see through that pretty easily. That's like Google claiming that private browsing is used for buying people gifts: unless those gifts are gifts of porn, that's not what anyone will use it for.

So I guess we can look forward to a future where perverts can snap pictures of people on the street and then take them home to their computer, converting the pictures into accurate naked 3D models. We're way beyond just using binoculars from across the street; it's the 21st century, after all. [Eurekalert]

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