TuneWiki Turns Mobile Internet Devices Into Zune-Wannabes

First, Intel decided to go with Linux for its MIDs, and now it's giving the bird to Microsoft again by revealing a contender to the Zune's social music aspect. TuneWiki, a "social media player" software based on Intel's Atom processor integrates music and video with synchronised lyrics and a social network.

Besides using a wiki-based community to contribute content, TuneWiki also displays real-time music popularity lists, the locations of other TuneWiki users based on your favourite songs and artists, and the ability to check out music from other countries with translated lyrics. It's an interesting new app for the (MID-using) international crowd, but will it take off States-side?

TuneWiki brings its Next Generation Social Media Player
to Intel-based Mobile Internet Devices

TuneWiki for Moblin revealed today, at a keynote speech for the Intel Developer Conference in Taipei. TuneWiki successfully ported its award winning software to the MID, based on the new Intel® Atom™ processor.

TuneWiki's social media player is the first to integrate music and video with synchronized lyrics and a social network. The lyrics data and synchronisation are contributed by the community, using wiki technology. TuneWiki MusicMap displays the location of users based on songs or artists. LiveCharts allows consumers to access a real-time music popularity list by country or state, and listen to music from other countries with lyrics translated to their preferred language.

"Mobile Internet Devices are projected to have hundreds of millions of users," said Rani Cohen, founder and CEO of TuneWiki. "We offer the experience of social playback anywhere, and our integrated music solution allows consumers to enjoy music in a completely new way. TuneWiki is committed to becoming the leading media player for Linux powered devices, with current offerings for Android, iPhone, Moblin, Windows and OSX, and with the MID we use a great open source platform developed by SongBird."

"Mobile Internet Devices represent an innovative platform that enables users to take their entertainment media, social network and Internet with them," said Pankaj Kedia, director of global ecosystems programs in the Ultra Mobility Group at Intel. "With TuneWiki's media player optimised for MIDs based on the Intel® Atom™ processor and Moblin-based Linux OS, mobile users will be able to create and share lyrics with their friends and family while on-the-go."

With TuneWiki and the 'connect anywhere' capabilities of the MID, enjoying audio or video will no longer be a solitary activity, but a shared social experience among friends, and the worldwide music community. TuneWiki's built-in translation capabilities enhance this experience and are an engine of discovery and expansion of outstanding music in all languages.

About TuneWiki
TuneWiki Inc, is the first social media player for mobile and PCs, with the community enhancing the experiance. Additional information about TuneWiki is available at www.TuneWiki.com

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