Toshiba 'Super Charge' Laptop Batteries Hit 90% in 10 Minutes, Age Well

Toshiba's Super Charge Ion Batteries (SCiBs) have been floating around in various industrial applications for a while now, prompting some serious envy in the consumer space with their ridiculously fast charge time and remarkable lifespan (5000-6000 charge cycles to a normal lithium ion's 500). A year and about one worn-out laptop battery later, Toshiba is showing a prototype of a SCiB notebook battery at CEATEC, quickly charging a Dynabook in what must be one of the least visually stimulating demos of the show.

They're reticent to give up too many details about an expected release, but due to the complicated manufacturing process it's doubtful that they have a date to hide yet. Also, the lack of competitive capacity claims is suspicious and little disheartening. But hey, cheer up! At least they're trying, right? [PCWorld]

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