Today’s Quantum Code Clue Is The Toughest Yet

Today’s Quantum Code Clue Is The Toughest Yet

Thumbnail image for quantumcode.jpgIf you’ve been trying to crack the Quantum Code (and you should be), today’s clue is one of the toughest challenges yet. It involves actually going out to meet the shady information dealer Vaughn — in person.

He’ll be waiting to meet you between 11:30 and 2:30 today. Where will he be waiting? Well, you’ll have to scan the code above and find out.

And if you can’t make it there to meet him yourself, you should hit the Quantum Central forums to recruit an associate to help you. Remember, this is a national competition, and only through hard work, teamwork and some rather clever code-cracking will you be able to have a real shot at the $15K Sony prize pack.

It’s the most dangerous mission yet. But Danger always was your middle name, wasn’t it?

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