T-Mobile G1's POP3/IMAP Email Is Down

Over on the T-Mobile forums, there's a massive thread about the G1's totally borked POP3/IMAP email service. Looks like receiving, sending, and even just checking email results in a nasty connection error for just about everyone (one user estimates 95%). A T-Mobile representative posted in the thread, and while it looks like they're actively working on the problem, there doesn't seem to be a fix yet.

The problem isn't tied to any particular email service, though Comcast users are reporting the most errors. Gmail seems to work just fine, and T-Mobile customer service reps' official response is to forward all other email to a Gmail account for the time being. Will, an admin at the T-Mo forums, has responded that these issues are familiar to T-Mo, saying, "We used to see similar errors and symptoms with the old MyEmail service and the new Consumer Email Client." He also suggests that more than 100 emails on the POP server, or emails with large attachments, may be causing a problem, but user feedback suggests this isn't the case: users have tried setting up brand-new accounts, or erasing all messages on the server, but still receive a connection error.

Will adds that the issue is "being researched with high priority," since it is being reported by G1 users across the board, and is now using the thread to gather more information to hopefully fix the problem before long.

This is a big gaffe by T-Mobile: POP3/IMAP email is a major feature of any smartphone, and those precious early adopters are irate at the G1's email's total lack of usability. The flip side of the argument, of course, is that every complex new platform has problems in its early days, but that doesn't seem too comforting to the thread's commenters. With any luck, T-Mobile will get this kink ironed out before long, because the last thing the maiden voyage of Android needs is a reputation of unreliability. [Boy Genius Report]

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