This Week in VUDU: Hellloo 63 HDX Movies

This Week in VUDU: Hellloo 63 HDX Movies

VUDU has over 120 new HD flicks available for rent this week, but the big news is that half of those films are in their new HDX format—downloadable HD that looks a lot better than the current downloadable, highly compressed “HD” we’re accustomed to. Read on for the full new HD and HDX lists.

HD releases:

All the President’s Men [HD]

An American Haunting [HD]

Be Kind Rewind [HD]

Belly 2: Millionaire Boyz Club [HD]

Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 [HD]

Chaos Theory [HD]

CSNY / Deja Vu [HD]

Death of a President [HD]

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights [HD]

Dirty Harry [HD]

Doctor Strange [HD]

Fatal Attraction [HD]

Fido [HD]

Full Metal Jacket [HD]

Funny Games [HD]

Ghost [HD]

House of 1000 Corpses [HD]

Invincible [HD]

Kickboxer [HD]

Mama’s Boy [HD]

Mistress [HD]

Mr. and Mrs. Smith [HD]

My Fellow Americans [HD]

Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow [HD]

Patriot Games [HD]

Saturday Night Fever [HD]

Saw [HD]

Saw 2 [HD]

Signs [HD]

Speed Racer [HD]

The Naked Gun [HD]

The Prestige [HD]

Timeline [HD]

Training Day [HD]

Ultimate Avengers 2 [HD]

Ultimate Avengers: The Movie [HD]

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape [HD]

Xmas Tale [HD]

xXx [HD]

HDX Releases:

The Breakfast Club [HDX]

Pitch Black (Unrated Director’s Cut) [HDX]

Field of Dreams [HDX]

Casino [HDX]

The Chronicles of Riddick (PG-13 Rated) [HDX]

The Fast and the Furious [HDX]

Happy Gilmore [HDX]

Lord of War [HDX]

Requiem for a Dream [HDX]

The Last Samurai [HDX]

Troy [HDX]

Unleashed (Unrated Director’s Cut) [HDX]

Stop-Loss [HDX]

21 [HDX]

The Jerk [HDX]

Uncle Buck [HDX]

Weird Science [HDX]

Death of a President [HDX]

Fido [HDX]

Witless Protection [HDX]

Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll [HDX]

The Bad News Bears [HDX]

Boomerang [HDX]

Chinatown [HDX]

Harold and Maude [HDX]

Bless the Child [HDX]

Up in Smoke [HDX]

Fatal Attraction [HDX]

G.I. Blues [HDX]

Ghost [HDX]

Patriot Games [HDX]

Saturday Night Fever [HDX]

Staying Alive [HDX]

The Longest Yard [HDX]

The Naked Gun [HDX]

The Two Jakes [HDX]

Tommy Boy [HDX]

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape [HDX]

The Italian Job [HDX]

Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier [HDX]

Drugstore Cowboy [HDX]

Close Encounters of the Third Kind [HDX]

Resident Evil [HDX]

Starship Troopers 3: Marauder [HDX]

Over Her Dead Body [HDX]

Darfur Now [HDX]

Mama’s Boy [HDX]

Semi-Pro (Unrated) [HDX]

Wild West Comedy Show: 30 Days and 30 Nights [HDX]

Fool’s Gold [HDX]

The Bucket List [HDX]

Snow Angels [HDX]

Speed Racer [HDX]

Run, Fat Boy, Run [HDX]

Step Into Liquid [HDX]

The Spiderwick Chronicles [HDX]

In Bruges [HDX]

Signs [HDX]

The Prestige [HDX]

Invincible [HDX]

Cube [HDX]

Shaun of the Dead [HDX]

The Recruit [HDX]