This Week in Blu-Ray: Jason Chen Goes South Park on Indy

Giz pick of the week: IMAX Anything

Just in case you enjoyed Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as much as Trey Parker and Matt Stone (or our former Editor Jason Chen), there's always the slew of IMAX double feature releases hitting shelves today. Cosmic Voyage/Destiny In Space and Space Station/Mission to Mir double up the 45 minute movies to make the purchase (or rental) a bit more worthwhile. And if four IMAX movies just aren't enough, there's always Coral Reef Adventure, Dolphins and The Living Sea, all of which are also being released this week.

— American Gangster (Universal)
— Casino (Universal)
— The Code (First Look)
— Constantine (Warner)
— Eastern Promises (Universal)
— Gangster Giftset (American Gangster, Casino, Eastern Promises) (Universal)
— IMAX: Coral Reef Adventure (Image)
— IMAX: Cosmic Voyage/Destiny In Space (Warner)
— IMAX: Dolphins (Image)
— IMAX: Space Station/Mission to Mir (Warner)
— IMAX: The Living Sea (Image)
— Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Paramount Entetainment)
— The Jewel of the Nile (Fox)
— Mongol (Universal)
— Poltergeist (Warner)
— The Rocker (Fox)
— Romancing the Stone (Fox)
— Standard Operating Procedure (Sony)
— The Ultimate Matrix Collection (Warner)
— The Universe: Season One (A&E)
— War, Inc. (First Look)
— War: Greatest Hits - Live (Warner Music Group) [highdef digest]

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