The Recycled Plastic Bag Chair is Anything but Trashy

Anyone who's read about the sickening, Great Pacific Garbage Patch will know that plastic is a danger to the environment. But this plastic bag chair will make it all OK for the next few minutes as the reality of man destroying the planet melts away to cute furniture. Designed by Ryan Frank, the seat is constructed from recycled aluminium coated in plastic shopping bags. And it not only looks fashionable—it looks comfortable (though the reality is probably more akin to sitting on cold metal once your butt sinks through the plastic). Frank didn't come up with the idea entirely on his own, however. This piece inspired him first:

Created in South America, the sculpture is named "Inkuku," which translates to "chicken." And it's a bit more impressive than your standard, tacky, rubber poultry. [Ryan Frank via Curbly]

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