The Quantum Code Is Coming

The Quantum Code Is Coming

quantumcode.jpgIt’s all a bit hush-hush at the moment, but Sony Australia’s got a pretty exciting promotion headed your way in the next few days.

It’s called the Quantum Code, and involves Sony prizes, Gizmodo readers and a rather fetching young thing named Constance Newlove.

Check out the spiel from Sony, then scan the QR code above for more information. And you can check out a teaser of the promotion after the jump.

A locked safe, containing secrets that could change the world forever. A global network of arms dealers, terrorists and villains. And a mysterious seven digit code called the QUANTUM CODE.

Be prepared for mystery, drama and intrigue. In your search for the QUANTUM CODE, your missions will be challenging and unpredictable – and the results could change your life forever.

Scan the QR code for the first in a series of intriguing clues, brought to you by Sony Australia. Keep your eyes peeled for new developments on this exciting competition.

For a preview of the challenge that lies ahead, click on the attached trailer and stay tuned for more information…