The New MacBook and MacBook Pro, Dissected

ifixit, the same guys who brought us the beautiful disassembly of the 3G iPhone, have gutted the MacBook and MacBook Pro (Pro pictured here). But beyond the pretty photos, they've discovered some interesting things about the new laptops.

MacBook above.

• The optical drive is identical in the MB and MBP, and it's SATA
• MBP RAM isn't tough to replace, but hard drive requires a Torx screwdriver
• The keyboards can be user-serviced, but require removing 56 screws first
• "Unibody" construction is "elegant"
• "The new MacBook is really a 13" MacBook Pro. It uses the same design, and same manufacturing quality"

Read the full play-by-play over at ifixit. And be glad that isn't your computer that they ripped apart...or was it? [ifixit]

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