The Most Important Appliance In a Depression

I'm not surprised that in the middle of a deep recession, while people have basically stopped buying appliances, standalone freezers have an exceptional growth of 13 percent. One of my grandmas, who lives alone, has the most massive freezer I have ever seen in a home. It is bursting with food that will likely never be eaten, unless a zombie apocalypse strikes and the whole family boards itself up in her house, where we would have six months before we'd have to start eating each other.

I've been told that's pretty typical of people who lived through The Great Depression or the War in Europe (she was on the wrong side in the latter). I think it's kinda the same instinct, but like on a smaller scale. Or you know, there's just a delicious renaissance in gourmet TV dinners. [Consumer Reports via Consumerist, Image: Getty]

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