The Mosquito Click Apparently Stops Mozzie Bites From Itching

MOSQUITOCLICK_ring 12Highres.jpgI won't lie to you - I'm sceptical about this as a real solution to the maddening itch of a mosquito bite. Just reading the explanation of how it works on their website sets off the fire alarm in my mind:

It functions with piezoelectricity ie. the generation of electric currents by the compression or expansion of quartz and similar crystalline substances. Mosquito-Click therefore does not need a battery to function and its small and practical size makes it convenient to carry along anywhere!

However, for the sake of science, I'm prepared to guinea-pig myself to the cause of testing this out for real. I've requested a review unit, and when it arrives, I'll subject myself to multiple mosquito bites at my local duck pond for the opportunity to review this $20 gadget for you, the humble Gizmodian. If it works, I'll thoroughly recommend its purchase for the coming Summer season. If not, we'll christen it snake oil and never speak of it again...

[Mosquito Click]

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