The Mosquito Click Apparently Stops Mozzie Bites From Itching

MOSQUITOCLICK_ring 12Highres.jpgI won't lie to you - I'm sceptical about this as a real solution to the maddening itch of a mosquito bite. Just reading the explanation of how it works on their website sets off the fire alarm in my mind:

It functions with piezoelectricity ie. the generation of electric currents by the compression or expansion of quartz and similar crystalline substances. Mosquito-Click therefore does not need a battery to function and its small and practical size makes it convenient to carry along anywhere!

However, for the sake of science, I'm prepared to guinea-pig myself to the cause of testing this out for real. I've requested a review unit, and when it arrives, I'll subject myself to multiple mosquito bites at my local duck pond for the opportunity to review this $20 gadget for you, the humble Gizmodian. If it works, I'll thoroughly recommend its purchase for the coming Summer season. If not, we'll christen it snake oil and never speak of it again...

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    i went to my mums house for sunday dinner over the weekend and we sat on the balcony and i had one mossy bite on my ankle, and it was itchy like crazy, my mum then told me she had something for it and it was this product, i used it a few times and the itch did seem to stop, i dont know if it was just in my mind though, you can see the spark when you press it, and if you do it to the back of your hand or fingertips you can feel it, can't really feel it on fleshy parts like my leg though, but then i was tempted to zap the dog and give it a fright, which i didn't because i love my mums dog.

    Heya guys,
    I've had one of these for more than a year - you can buy them from most chemists for about $15. They do stop the itch. We have a holiday house up the coast and the mozzies get pretty rife at night - if you do get bitten badly you need to zap it about 15 times on the bite before it works - but it does work.

      You might find a little rubbing alcohol more effective if it takes up to 20 clicks of this gadget, we just dab a little rubbing alcohol on our itchy bites and hey presto, all gone :D

    These things do work, piezoelectricity is nothing new, cigarette lighters have been using them for years.
    Which begs the question, why spend $20 on this when you can get a lighter for a few bucks. Just take the lighter apart and use the 'clicker'. It'll do the same thing.
    I normally come up with bad reactions to mozzie bites, but after using the lighter trick, I hardly have any problems.

    It does work, it gives a small shock the same as any flint-less lighter. However, I’m not sure which is worse the itching or shocking oneself.

    I can save you the trouble. The only thing this does is sting more than the original mozzie sting. It has worked in a fashion though - my kids are so scared of being zapped by it they now make sure they avoid mozzie bites at all costs. Hmm, maybe they could market it as a cure for untidy bedrooms.

    I bought one of these in the UK a few months ago. It definitely works for me.

    I would love to say that this product worked for me but, well it just didn't. I tried this little device last year and i can comprehensively say that it had little to no effect in reducing the itch of a mozzie bite (some may get some placebo effect) despite clicking HUNDREDS OF TIMES on a few bites.

    Can you try it on some Jellyfish stings it says it works.
    Why not try it on snake bites.

    Hi, I have been using this product for ages. I was very sceptical at the start, but it really works! As for using a normal ignitor, I dont believe that this is safe. I work in a hospital, and have seen some pretty stupid people use household items the WRONG way. I have looked into the product, and it has been medically tested, and will not harm you or your kids. It gives of a measured dose of electricity, rather than a random charge like an appliance ignitor. Good luck with your use.

    sorry guys, i found it didn't work for me. I've suffered from mozzie allergies all my life, curently as well, and I'm always on the look out for something new that will keep the itches at bay.

    so far, the only thing left for me is calomine lotion, which i'm reluctant to use al the time.

    I'm pleased it works for you guys though! I'll keep looking...


    I've had a history of record mosquito bites. When I was 2, I had 16 on my forehead after a evening out. A couple weeks ago I managed to lock a mosquito in the car with me while driving and ten minutes later had 13 bites my wrist to elbow of right arm. Got out the clicker and clicked like mad. Nothing worked until I got out some cortisone cream to bring down the swelling.

    I have found the mosquito clicker to be useful though. Ran out of matches to light a candle one day. So I squirted some lighter fluid on the wick, applied the clicker and hey presto! instant flame :)

    I've been using the mozzie clicker for a few years now,on myself and other people, for bullant bites, european wasp stings, mosquito bites and hives - in fact I try it on any allergic reaction. The small electrical charge seems to dissipate the histamines which gather at the bite or allergy site. I've found the clicker to work extremely effectively, especially with more extreme swelling and pain such as bullant or wasp bites. If people follow the instructions and medical advice properly (ie - if you have a pacemaker don't use it) it is a valuable first aid tool. For people who don't think it works, try clicking a few times around the bite where the swelling appears. There are always a few people who react differently to treatments but why not give it a go? If you're allergic to insects such as bees or bullants it may even save your life.

    I have been using the mozzie clicker only for a couple of weeks on mozzie and flea bites. It does work for me, but because I am Very allergic, I have to use 10 to 15 clicks each time. I wish the 'non-itch effect' would be longer lasting though. Otherwise I am happy with it. I still need antihistamine at night and soov cream as backup though.

    Sort of worked, had a huge mozzie bite on my thigh that was swollen, the day after it's pretty much gone and not itchy, had multiple other mozzie bites too that it's stopped itching BUT it seems to have left tiny blisters over the bites where I have used the clicker!

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