The Heat Sink Computer Loves to Sweat

This computer uses 100% passive cooling (read: no fans or liquid chilling systems). So how is that possible? Well just look at the thing. It's like one big freakin' heat sink. We don't have much information on the design, but from what we can tell, copper tubing helps dissipate the heat from hot spots like the processor to the outer casing. Don't get us wrong, we'll take a low wattage fan if it keeps our system running properly. But as a feat of design and engineering, this system is pretty...uhh...well we we're gonna say "hot" but that doesn't work in this case. A few more shots:

Standing up, it looks kind of like a Mac Pro but cooler. That last pun was originally unintentional, but we're leaving it all the same. [Hacked Gadgets]

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