The Down Low Glow is Not What You Think

These Down Low Glow light bars for your bike are one wheel hydraulics system away from true low rider status, but that's not actually their true purpose. While at first glance they may appear to be the epitome of bicycle tchotchke, the manufacturer lays out a somewhat convincing case as to why riders should invest $US110 to trick out their Trek.

Traditional bike lights, they note, only protect cyclists from the front or back. Down Low Glow gives visibility on the sides, and creates an illuminated space around the bike to ensure you don't get clipped on cramped roadways (70% of bicycle roadway accidents happen from the side, they say). Just stay away from the rain or rough neighborhoods, as the Down Low Glow is neither waterproof nor theft proof. It's also not an STD, which is what I thought before I saw the picture. [Rock the Bike via Wired]

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