The Best View of the KillerBee You Will (Hopefully) Ever Get

In a competition to secure big UAV contracts with the Marines and Navy, Raytheon just gave an impressive demonstration of their KillerBee's flight capabilities. Parking in the middle of the desert and setting up the system in just 45 minutes, the Raytheon crew flew the UAV for four hours during which time it was able to maintain communication with both Army and Navy computer systems. Raytheon still has to outfit their device with a new custom jet engine to qualify for contract consideration, but their KillerBee takes a heck of a photograph all the same:



    I like how it has anti shadow casting technology :P

    The thing's shadow can be found in the first pic under and behind the gas canister on the launcher. It's those long bits sticking out that you'll notice don't corrispond with any of part of the launcher. Once you've seen it there, you'll be able to spot the shadow in the second pic too.

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