The Anatomy of the Office Prank

The casual office employee stalks his coworker with the intensity of a lion hunting a wildebeest on the African savanna. Never rushed, always contemplated, the average office prank is executed with all the razor precision found in a well-pressed shirt.

In part one of our examination of the office prank, we study the first of many techniques office workers use to triumph over co-adversaries. To those with soft stomachs, the gruesome techniques used to humiliate one's peers with cardboard might be better left unseen.

For thousands of years, the office prankster has had to make due with his limited available resources. One such plentiful resource is cardboard. Don't see any around? Look closer. Cardboard can be found in anything from packaging materials from shipments to old cereal boxes from the office kitchen. Just be careful of the fabled "cardboard paper cut." Legend has it the that the victim could lose an entire finger.
Notice the attention to detail here, the Windows error messages and the "My Crappy Award for Something."

Notice that there's a good chance someone else has already pulled the exact same cardboard cubicle prank you once considered so original. Bonus points, however, for the cardboard headset.

Here it's about not just the excellent craftsmanship but the ever-underestimated synchronised gloating.

This engineering firm did some work on the Extreme Home Makeover. We hoped it worked out better for the less privileged.

A vicious cardboard blow, notice the incorporation of a plastic bucket...a manoeuvre of some aptitude.

Now, humble student, you have seen the various attacks in the cardboard master's arsenal. There are only two known defenses to this attack. Recycling and a pocket lighter. And one may get you fired.

Special thanks to Dustin Schirer, Brando, Ed Chaput, Chris Alleman and Randy Mumma.

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