The Anatomy of a Lego Minifig Is as Fascinating as It Is Spooky

After killing and dissecting an endless amount of Lego minifigs, artist/designer/mad doctor Jason Freeny has created the definitive anatomy map of the iconic figure, showing all the details and naughty bigs that we weren't able to catch in our exclusive tour to the Lego Minifig factory in Denmark. Jason has plenty of experience on cutting apart other species too, like gummy bears and balloon animals:

Those two are amazing too, but last time I checked we didn't have Go Gummybear Go or Go Balloon Animal Go contests. We do have a Go Miniman Go contest, however.

If you want to participate and win one of the priceless classic vintage sets we are giving away. You only need to send your entry to us as soon as possible because the end of the month deadline is quickly approaching. Entries keep pouring in, but it's never too late. You still have 15 days to go.

If you want to participate, check the contest rules here and send your video now. [Jason Freeny via Geekologie]

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