Sydney Ferries Getting Night Vision Technology

Sydney Ferries Getting Night Vision Technology

night vision ferries.jpgSydney Harbour has had its fair share of accidents recently, and some of them have involved ferries. That’s why the NSW State Government is spending up big to arm its ferries with state of the art night-vision gear.

The ferries are currently trialling the night vision technology in order to avoid smaller craft in the Harbour. So far, it’s already cost $100K, and if it’s deemed successful and rolled out across the Sydney ferries fleet of 31 ferries, will cost over a million bucks.

I’m not sure what kind of gear is being used as part of this trial, but making ferry pilots wear Sam Fisher-type goggles isn’t going to help anybody (unless the ferry captain is a double agent, like Steven Seagal in Undersiege).

As much as I love my tech, and especially night vision tech, I can’t see how this is a good way to spend taxpayers money. How about we stick some of that million dollars into education?

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