Supposed Best Buy Listings for New MacBooks Show No Price Drop

We just got these printouts that supposedly show the fresh SKUs in Best Buy's inventory for the MacBooks that'll be unveiled tomorrow (which we'll be bringing to you live). Besides using colours for codenames, much of the info, like dimensions and stock dates are placeholders, according to the tipster. The real point of interest is the model/pricing breakdown—it's exactly the same as the current lineup, so if true, it means there won't be any price drops at all, much less an $US800 dollar MacBook running around. Update: Turns out we were right to be sceptical of how solid it is.

Here's the colour/price/model list, according to the tipster:

GREEN = $1,999.99 - 15" MacBook Pro base model
PURPLE = $2,799.99 - 17" MacBook Pro base model
YELLOW = $1,499.99 - 13" MacBook top end model
BLUE = $2,499.99 - 15" MacBook Pro mid model
ORANGE = $1,299.99 - 13" MacBook mid Model
RED = $1,099.99 - 13" MacBook base model

If any other Best Buy employees out there want to confirm or help us make some more sense out of these, please shoot us an email (about this, or anything else). It's not unexpected that Apple would keep prices exactly the same, but a hell of a lot of people were definitely bellyaching hard for some cheaper wares. If they're not cheaper, are you still planning on buying one, if you were thinking about it?

Update: A few Best Buyers have written in to say that while the program here, called RSS, is totally legit, its accuracy is essentially a crapshoot—"70 percent accurate" at best. More importantly, anything under contract, like new MacBooks, wouldn't show new info (like a lower price) until it was released, which would go out in a batch update that would hit every Best Buy's computers at once. Still, that doesn't mean prices won't stay exactly the same, which would match what Apple has done historically.

Thanks tipsters!

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