Start Your WiMax Engines With Laptops From Acer, Asus, Lenovo and Toshiba

Sprint's Xohm WiMax network got extra super official today with a party and all, so laptop makers are tossing out confetti in the form of WiMax-enabled notebooks. Here's what you've got to pick from. Acer dropped a pair of Aspire cheapies in 14- and 16-inch sizes, while Asus's 14 and 15-inchers are a bit mo' better for a bit mo' money. Oh, there's more.

Toshiba's offering is a nicely spec'd 13-inch Satellite, which seems to be the sweet spot of the bunch. And finally, Lenovo is hitting us with a brigade right off the bat—Thinkpad X301, T400, SL300 and SL500, though eventually all of its laptops will have WiMax options. Dell, Sony and Panasonic will be bringing theirs out sometime next year, so unless you're looking for the fruit, basically any maker you're a fan of will have something for you (and don't forget Nokia's N810). [CW, Electronista]

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