Star Trek Original Series Now Warping on YouTube

Just a few days after its TV anniversary, and in time for the new Star Trek movie, YouTube is now airing a bunch of full episodes of Star Trek. According to them, this is just the beginning:

We are starting to test full-length programming on YouTube, beginning with some fan favourites requested by you.

For now there are 15 50-minute episodes of each series—for Jason and Wilson they are are also showing MacGyver and Beverly Hills 90210—all supported by advertising. I don't mind the advertising too much, although it just feels like old school TV broadcasting (including the quality). But as long as I can watch them on my iPhone from time to time, I'm happy. Especially since I'm in my Star Trek mood now, maybe to save myself from all the Clone Wars and the rest of stormtrooper raping coming from Lucasfilm—if you didn't watch South Park this week, go and see it.

And maybe professor Michael Zeller will get his pop references right and help us solve one of the most important questions of all time: Imperial Star Destroyer or Enteprise? [Star Trek on YouTube via Cnet]

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