Sprint WiMax Requires 'Narrow' Pipeline for Testing, Approval

Sprint's enticing Xohm WiMax network is slowly making its way across the country, but Lenovo has complained of a major problem with it gaining popularity. According to GigaOM, Lenovo expected to dominate the market with a variety of WiMax products since they had put a lot of time and effort into testing equipment. But Lenovo explained that Sprint is requiring a "narrow" pipeline of internal product testing—something you don't see for Wi-Fi equipment—which has nixed much of their WiMax product line for launch. It's tough to tell where WiMax will go from here, but when a big company like Lenovo can't get products approved for release, it's hard to believe that the countless, smaller companies necessary to drive down prices and promote popularity will break into the market any time soon. [GigaOM]

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