Spaceship Mobile Phone Makes All Your Calls a Blast

Step aside G1, out of the way iPhone, I think I've found my mobile of choice. This little gem of a communication device was discovered by Brian and I in a gadget shop in Causeway Bay. Written on the side of the phone was "Shenzhou VII," the name of China's third human spaceflight mission. Blam wanted to get it right away, but the shop owner asked an astronomical $US180 for it. "I bet my stars I can get it for cheaper in China," I promised him as he reluctantly handed it back.

A cursory search through (the ebay of China) proved fruitless, but I did come across a Chinese site reviewing our stellar little handset. The Shenzhou VII mobile phone includes a 2MP camera, MP3 and MP4 capabilities, a microSD slot, USB, and—bet you didn't see this coming—astronaut themes. If anyone knows where to get this, please give me a holler! I don't want to end up looking like a space cadet in front of my boss. [Shanzhaiji]

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