Space Station Astronaut Challenges Planet Earth to Chess Match

Canadian astronaut Greg Chamitoff has challenged everyone in planet Earth to a game of chess. He will play from the International Space Station travelling at five miles per second, 200 miles above the Earth, while you can make your move from your living room at ground level travelling at 0.1 miles a second to your fridge for the occasional beer. You won't be playing directly against him, however, but become part of some kind of human-based neuronal computer coordinated by the American Chess Championship Team.

The team will select four possible moves to answer Greg's play. Using a web page, people around the world will be able to vote on the final move, which will be send to the space station. Greg will then move the piece on his special velcro chess set, which he brought with him in the Discovery.

One piece of advice to the world: Let him win. Who knows what kind of anti-matter rays they have up there. [Play here via Daily Mail]

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