Sony's Flexible 11-Inch OLED Screen is 0.3 Millimeters Thick, Wraps TV Around Your Finger

Aside from allowing for ridiculous contrast ratios and eye-exploding colour saturation, OLEDs can also be thin enough to be flexible, as Sony is demonstrating here with this crazy 0.3-millimeter-thick concept display at CEATEC. We've seen flexible OLED screens before, but 11-inches is a significant step forward. What's in store when this concept moves into reality? Wearable TV jackets? Flexible laptop screens? TV blankets? Boggling.

Details such as resolution and actual power consumption are thin, but the Telegraph is reporting that power draw is "extremely low" and that the viewing angle is nearly infinite. Sony had help from scientists at the Max Planck Institute in Germany to develop the screen, which should give you an indication of what goes into a flexible OLED of this size. Pretty amazing stuff. [AVING, Telegraph]

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