Sony Pictures Blu-ray Club: Kool-Aid Points for Early Adopters

If you're that guy replacing all of your old DVDs with hi def Blu-ray movies, then you may be interested in the Sony Pictures Blu-ray Club. Through the promotion, new Sony Pictures Blu-ray discs enabled with BD Live content can be registered online through ethernet-connected Blu-ray players. This registration will then redeem the disc purchase for Sony Rewards points that are good for special giveaways and offers.

There's no cost to register and the points appear to integrate seamlessly with existing Sony Rewards accounts. The catch is that the rewards are only valid for Sony Pictures films. In other words, not nearly every Blu-ray movie or tv show you may buy will count. Still, if you've got the Blu-ray player already, you might as well register, right? [Sony Rewards]

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