Sony Ericsson Declares UIQ an Epic Fail, Looks Forward to S60 Handsets

It's no secret that UIQ effectively died when it merged into the Symbian Foundation earlier this year. But at a Symbian event this week in London, Sony Ericsson reiterated that the platform is destined for certain death and mentioning that it "didn't attract the operator, manufacturer or consumer interest needed to stop it from failing." Ouch.

With Sony E opting for WinMo on their premium Xperia handset, you could say this was expected, but it's still sad to see a promising platform fall flat on its face. What this means now is that future SE smartphones will run future versions of the S60 symbian software, which could have some of the UIQ DNA written into it. [Cell Phones Etc and All About Symbian via Electronista]

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