Sony Cuts Price on Fancy S550 Blu-ray Player (Still No Dealzmodo)

Yesterday Sony dropped the $US400 BDP-S350 Blu-ray player to $US300, a fair line to cross. Today Sony made the next logical step, dropping its $US500 BDP-S550 to $US400. It's a sizeable price decrease, and it comes well before Thanksgiving, indicating that there could easily be another sweet drop. I'm still more of a fan of the S350, though, now that both are BD-Live capable. That extra $US100 for the S550 only gets you a 1GB Memory Vault ($US12.99 on Amazon), a 7.1-analogue output, DTS-Master Audio decoding and a light-up remote. Oh, and the product itself won't ship until the end of October when, who knows, another price cut may hit.

AU: Yeah, don't expect a local price drop anytime soon, seeing as how we're only just getting the product locally.


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