Solar Powered 'Sticker Lamps' Offer Paper-Thin Illumination

A 26 year old designer by the name of Keikko Lee has won South Korea's first ever international design competition thanks to his new take on interior lighting. His concept involves a paper-thin "lamp" with electroluminescent material on one side and solar panels and sensors on the other. The material would be able to stick anywhere—from a window where it can gather light to a wall where it can illuminate a hallway.

It doesn't seem all that revolutionary at first glance (it reminds me of glow-in-the dark stickers), but I can see how being able to move a serious lightsource with such a small footprint around a room would give it an advantage over similar, more traditional products. Whether sticker lamps actually make it to the production stage remains to be seen. [SCMP and EarthTimes via Treehugger]

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