Smudge-Resistant Film Breaks Down Your Gross Fingersweat With Chemistry

Japanese company Tsujiden has presented a new protective film that diminishes fingerprints in a matter of seconds, breaking down the oily residue using a simple property of chemistry previously utilised in soaps and detergents. The company claims that the lipophilic and hydrophilic properties of the film cause the grease to be "obscured" by allowing it to "become flat" against the treated surface.

In other words, this treatment doesn't keep your touchscreen from collecting your filthy secretions — it spreads the goo around until you just don't notice it. Whatever the method, if this film can keep iPods from looking like the back window of a short bus after a few minutes of usage, then by all means, Tsujiden, deceive me into a feeling of false cleanliness. [Tech-On]

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