Beta Enhancements, Like Your TV Shacked Up with Hulu

Sling Media (makers of those nifty Sling boxes) has just notified their beta community that new and improved services are soon to go live for testing. The first major feature is web-based content viewing for subscribers, eliminating the need for separate players. The second major feature, teased way back in early 2007, is Clip+Sling content sharing.

A lot like YouTube but even more like Hulu, users can create clips from programming and share it with others through the site. Users can also subscribe to the feeds of other users, allowing for convenient, mindless sharing of media.

In addition, 60 official content partners (aka networks) will be joining in on the fun as well with somewhat vague "premium" on-demand content.

Beyond streaming one's television through their browser, none of these features sounds independently revolutionary. But together, the services look to combine internet and TV in a new way. [TechCrunch]

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