Single Button Remote Has 257 Less Buttons than What Your AV Setup Needs

Tired of over-complicated universal remotes, industrial designer Brian Garret Schuur created this single button remote that allows to change channel, volume, pause, play, record, and switch the TV on and off. This is not only a concept however, it's a fully functioning prototype that uses a microcontroller connected wirelessly to a laptop. Despite all these functions, it looks quite clever and easy to operate.

Although we can only guess how it works, since he doesn't provide any description, it looks quite straightforward. The button itself slides through the top part of the remote, going through the different options available: volume, play and pause, record, etc. When it reaches a position, you can move the button to the left or right. For example, if you set it in volume, moving the button left or right will decrease or increase the sound level. It looks like something Bang & Olufsen could snatch the design for one of their TVs. [Inspiration and Creativity via Yanko]

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