Shocking Thumbwars Literally Shocks Your Thumbs in War

Calling all masochists who are growing weary of Chinese Roshambo! Shocking Thumbwars, a 3-in-1 party game, is a game where you avoid getting shocked—literally—by beating your opponents in 3 different challenges: 50/50, where the first person to reach 50 (by button mashing) is safe from a shock; Rebound, which is like Ping-Pong except with LED lights instead of a ball; and Endurance, which we like to call "Jackass" because this game's winner is determined by which idiot can hold onto the device longer as it continuously delivers increasingly intense shocks. Shocking Thumbwars can be purchased for about $US30, or if you want to electrocute yourself for free, just stick a fork into a socket. (Please don't really do that. Thanks!) [Firebox via ChipChick]

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