Scientists Record Music of Stars, Spookily Like a Star Trek Sound Effect

A group of astronomers have taken the "Music of the Spheres" quite literally, and have recorded the sound of three stars that're similar to our Sun. The technique, dubbed stellar seismology, lets scientists get some idea about what's going on in the inner structure of the stars. This research was carried out using France's Corot space telescope, and the rhythmic beating in each "tune" shows that the stars are pulsing. But that clever and interesting science is not the eerie part. This is the eerie part: as you listen to the recordings, you'll be unavoidably reminded of the sound effects from the original series of Star Trek.

Check it out: this is the sound of a star called HD49933, and it's like the sound made by an alien warp engine warming up. HD181420 sounds similar, but more like a generic "spooky" alien planet background noise. But the "song" from a globular cluster sounds really scary indeed, like a futuristic beam weapon getting prepped to vaporise Enterprise.

Coincidence? Menothinkso. Gene Roddenbury was clearly an alien visitor, subtly planting ideas into our collective consciousness. Or something. [BBC News]

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