Scientists Create 'The World's Most Relaxing Room'

The credit crunch and the hectic pace of modern life has inspired Professor Richard Wiseman to create what he believes is "the world's most relaxing room" at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield, just north of London. His research led him to invite visitors to lie down on soft matting with lavender scented pillows in a darkened room lit only with "a calming glade-like green light." A simulated blue sky is projected onto the ceiling above while a soundtrack specifically composed for the project by resident Professor of Music, Tim Blinko plays softly in the background.

Visitors to the exhibit were examined before and after their 15-minute stay in the room with heart monitors. Not surprisingly, most experienced a significant reduction in their heart rate. Wiseman hopes that similar facilities will be set up by organisations to combat stress related problems. He noted: "We are interested in helping out the commercial sector but this isn't a commercial exercise. We're not selling a relaxation room, we're selling the idea of relaxation."

Don't get me wrong, something like this would definitely help to reduce stress in the workplace. However, incidents of sleep-related tardiness would skyrocket. [University of Hertfordshire via Psysorg and the Guardian]

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