Samsung’s Series 9 LED TV Launches In Australia

Samsung’s Series 9 LED TV Launches In Australia

TV_9Series1.jpgSamsung have decided to deliver the good old one-two combo on Australian consumers by following up their “first networked TV” jab with a “first LED TV” right hook. The Samsung Series 9 LCD uses LED backlighting to bring a clear, vibrant picture to your TV screen. It also uses less energy than traditional LCDs.

The tech, as we’ve seen before, intelligently turns off LEDs that aren’t needed, like in dark scenes, by analysing the input signal. Because it switches lights off, it not only saves power, but dramatically increases the dynamic contrast ratio.

On top of the new backlighting tech, the Series 9 brings the new networking features seen in the Series 7 and Series 8 TVs, and be available in both 46 and 55-inch sizes for $5,499 and $6,999 respectively.

That might sound pricey now, but it won’t be long before we see LED backlighting become the norm, and prices will drop accordingly.

For the full press release, see below:

Samsung launches Australia’s first LED television
Samsung’s LED Smartlighting™ – sheer viewing pleasure
September 30, 2008 – Samsung Electronics has today launched the first LED television available on the Australian market – the premium Series 9 LCD TV. Available in-store from October 2008, the Series 9 is set to offer arguably the most stunning picture ever seen on a television.
Samsung’s LED Smartlighting™ is an innovation in screen backlighting. Producing bright, vibrant colours and premium picture quality, it works seamlessly with the impressive 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio to set a new benchmark in the Australian market.
“It is the combination of these two technology innovations – LED Smartlighting™ and a whopping 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio – that make our premium Series 9 a sight to remember,” comments Mark Leathan, General Manager, CE Marketing, Samsung Australia.
“In our recently completed annual Newspoll HD TV Survey, nearly 78 per cent of people said picture quality was a key factor in deciding on their HD television*. We are confident that this unit will deliver the highest quality pictures available on an LCD TV.”
Samsung believes that the aesthetic design is just as crucial as the TVs performance. The elegant Series 9 boasts a new premium black ‘Crystal Design’ bezel and matching glass base. This new premium black is comparable to a stylish carbon fibre finish and throws a subtle honeycomb dimension when the bezel captures any light.
Developed to enrich lifestyles and the entertainment experience, the Samsung Series 9 offers four key media solutions that will change how you interact with your television:

• InfoLive is an innovative feature which provides constant connection with a real-time RSS viewer for news, weather and stock information. Bring up live internet feeds while watching your favourite movie or TV show at the same time.
• WISELINK Pro makes it possible to plug and play favourite pictures, videos, movies and music through USB 2.0 connections. Grab the digital camera and entertain friends and family in the lounge room when you play back photos on the big screen.
• DLNA links your TV with your home PC to access any stored entertainment and media files. Now Mum and Dad can watch a movie in the lounge room while the children watch a slideshow upstairs, directly from the computer in the study.

• The in-built Content Library stores a wide range of informational and entertainment content such as fitness programmes, delicious recipes and games for children. It even includes a collection of art images so your TV can double as a framed masterpiece.
Another unique benefit of Samsung’s LED Smartlighting™ technology is that it significantly reduces power consumption. Its intelligent local dimming system senses input signals and turns individual LED lights on or off only as required.
The Series 9 will be available from October 2008 in 46, and 55 inches for $5,499 and $6,999 respectively.