Samsung’s Latest Printer Is “World’s Smallest and Quietest” MFP, Apparently

Samsung’s Latest Printer Is “World’s Smallest and Quietest” MFP, Apparently

CLX-310FN_large_g1.jpgApparently the CLX-3170 is the world’s smallest and quietest multi-function printer. We say apparently here because the last time Samsung told us they had a “first”, it turned out they were twisting the facts to suit the headline of their press release.

In any case, the printer measures in at 415mm x 360mm x 311mm, which does make it quite small. Noise levels are also restricted to 46dB, which is also fairly quiet. There’s also a direct USB interface so you don’t need to connect this to a PC, and it comes in both black or two-tone grey colours.

Does that make it the world’s smallest and quietest? Who cares? It’s definitely small and quiet – and with the price of rent soaring and my generation starting to get annoyed at the volume of “kids today”, those two features are highly desireable in any PC peripheral, let alone a MFP which costs $599.

Samsung Unveils the World’s Smallest and Quietest
Multifunction Printer

Samsung has announced the evolution of the world’s smallest and quietest laser printer* the CLX-3170 multifunction printer (MFP), offering users an array of additional functions.

With superb colour laser quality, the CLX-3170 series produces picture perfect results with the crisp sharp finish of a laser printer. A compact design and quiet operation make this model perfect for a small office with limited space, without compromising on functionality or features.

Other key features include:

A direct USB interface – no need to log onto a computer to print or scan a document, simply place the USB memory key straight into the USB connection port of the device and press print or scan.

For whisper-quiet operation, the CLX-3170 series features Samsung’s exclusive NO-NOIS technology which ensures noise levels stay at 46 decibels (equivalent to a library), which makes it an ideal printer to sit on a desk with minimal disturbance to those close by.

Available in a choice of two colours, sleek black or professional two-tone grey, this quality MFP will complement any small office space. The small footprint which is the same size as a folded newspaper (415mm x 360mm x 311mm), gives users more desk space and a clutter free environment while the multitude of functions (print, copy, scan and fax) makes it the ideal device to help small businesses run smoothly and efficiently.

* An evolution of the CLP-300 printer series, according to market research from IDC was Australia’s best selling colour laser printer in 2007