Samsung Giving Away $380,000 Worth Of Kit From November 1

Samsung Giving Away $380,000 Worth Of Kit From November 1

samsung giveaway.jpgWhat economic crisis? On the back of the news that Sony’s giving away craploads of gear with the launch of Quantum of Solace, plus Samsung’s own “Buy a Samsung TV get a free Blu-ray player” promotion, the Korean electronics giant is backing it up with a $380,000 promotion over the Christmas period. Starting November 1, customers who buy an applicable Samsung camera, video camera, MP3 player or DVD player will go in the draw to win an hourly prize of a camera, video camera, MP3 player, DVD player, Blu-ray player or even (if you’re lucky) a 32-inch Samsung TV. Prizes will be drawn hourly, so the chances of winning are probably pretty good. It runs between November 1 and January 2 next year, and you can check out the list of selected Samsung products below.

So who’s promotion is going to get you to buy their product? Sony or Samsung?

Digital Still Cameras: S860; L100; L110; L201; L310; i8; NV4; NV24HD; NV100HD

Camcorders: VP-DX100i; VP-MX20, VP-MX20C; VP-HMX20C; VP-D381i

MP3 players: S2; S3 (2GB, 4GB, 8GB); Q1 (8GB,16GB), K3 ( 2GB &4GB), T10 ( 2GB,4GB,8GB),S5 (4GB & 8GB)

DVD players: DVD-SH853; DVD-SH855; DVD-SH873