Samsung Clarifies Its ‘First LED TV’ Claim

Samsung Clarifies Its ‘First LED TV’ Claim

TV_9Series1-third.jpgRemember the other day when Samsung told us they were launching the country’s first LED TV? Yeah, turns out that’s not entirely true. Both Samsung and Sony had released earlier models, although they were both prohibitively expensive.

So, Samsung this morning sent out this little clarification of their claim:

The claim “the first LED television available on the Australian market” refers to Samsung launching the first mass market LED television widely available in major retail channels at a price under $9,999. A Samsung and a competitor 70″ LED television was previously available but in extremely limited distribution at a retail price of around $70,000; fewer than five units were sold across both companies*.

Samsung apologises for any confusion.

That little asterisk at the end there just refers to the data coming from Gfk.

But regardless of who came first, I’m still hanging out to test the Series 9 panels… I thoroughly enjoyed the Series 6 and from what I can tell, the Series 9 will blow those sets out of the water.