Rock Band USB Adaptor Causes Fire, No One Seems Too Worried

Before the wireless instruments came bundled in Rock Band 2, users needed to utilise a 4-port USB hub to connect all of the instruments. It was inconvenient, but no big deal. That was, until one user had his adaptor catch fire randomly after being plugged in for just ten minutes. Had he left the system on without being home, there very well could have been a more serious incident.

Even though fires alone are disconcerting, what's even more disconcerting was that Rock Band publisher EA glossed over the event and offered a canned response:

Hello Jim,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding your Rock Band purchase. It is always a pleasure to assist our customers in any way that we can.

The USB Hub comes with 4 USB ports that the peripherals can be plugged into [sic] . Check to see if the customer has plugged the AC Power Adaptor [sic]into the USB Hub and a wall outlet in order to provide power to the USB Hub. Power Down Xbox 360, and unplug everything, but the USB Hub, AC Adaptor. Plug in One Peripheral [sic]to a port on the USB Hub. Turn on the Xbox 360 to see if it is working.

The conversation continues over at, but needless to say, it gets both funnier and scarier before it's over. [TheBBPS via Joystiq]

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