R/C Licence Plate Covers Are a Tempting But Unwise Purchase

All of us have considered it at one time or another. What if we just didn't have a licence plate? The cops could spot us speeding, we'd ditch out on a side street and then we'd drive the same car to work the next day without a hitch (or tasering). It was a fun daydream, but now with these RF Licence Plate Covers, we can live that dream.

Once installed, you simply press a button to command motorised panels to cover your front and back plates. At this point, while you can still see your car, it's technically invisible. Then press down on the gas, put two wheels on the sidewalk and you'll really see what those licence plate covers can really do.

Priced at $US121, just remember, there's always a magical place called the race track if you want to drive like a douche. [DealExtreme via OhGizmo!]

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